Roasted Therapy, is an exciting Adelaide-based startup coffee roaster, that embarked on a journey with our design studio to establish a distinctive brand identity. Specialising in high-quality coffee, Roasted Therapy aims to provide an energising and comforting experience for coffee enthusiasts.
The Challenge
Collaborating closely with Roasted Therapy, our design team embraced a holistic approach to encapsulate the brand's unique personality. We crafted an industrial-style logo that reflected the robust and dynamic nature of Roasted Therapy's coffee. To maintain a modern and minimalist design, we curated a palette inspired by industrial tones. The packaging design adopted a minimalistic and functional approach, featuring the industrial logo prominently. The staff uniforms were designed for both style and practicality. Our social media kit included visually striking graphics, on-brand imagery, and engaging content templates. This toolkit empowered Roasted Therapy to maintain a consistent and appealing online presence, fostering connection and loyalty among their audience.
Distinctive Brand Presence: The industrial logo and minimalistic design palette contributed to Roasted Therapy's distinctive brand presence, standing out in the competitive coffee market.
Increased Shelf Appeal: The product packaging redesign enhanced shelf appeal, making Roasted Therapy's coffee products more enticing to consumers.
Professional Team Image: The uniform design not only reflected the industrial aesthetic but also presented the Roasted Therapy team as professional and cohesive, reinforcing brand values.
Engaging Online Community: The social media kit facilitated increased engagement, creating a vibrant online community around Roasted Therapy and driving brand loyalty.
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